EWOK - About Us

In 2014, a student team from IIT Mandi (Himachal Pradesh, India) conducted a survey of the women in the nearby villages. The study revealed that about 75% of them do not complete schooling (12th grade), limiting them to low paid, unskilled jobs. However, they showed a keen interest in being trained and guided. A lack of awareness, guidance and training has restricted the potential for growth and employment for these hardworking women. The main objective of EWOK is to help overcome these hurdles.

The establishment of IIT Mandi and the influx of so many people to the valley have created many opportunities in employment and business. EWOK’s vision is to ensure that the women of the valley also get a direct opportunity to gain from these opportunities.

Our Mission

To enable the women of Kamand Valley (within 10 kms of Kamand) in ways to better utilise their skills for economic gains and in general to improve quality of life.

Our Vision

To ensure that women of Kamand valley are able to reap benefits from their rapidly changing surroundings by setting up services or small scale industries in line with their skills, interests and abilities.