Enabling Women of Kamand Valley

Helping Kamand women take command!

The valley of Kamand, in the state of Himachal in India, is dotted with households having womenfolk who work very hard and are skilled in many ways. Their efforts and skills are largely directed at maintaining their homes and families. With the establishment of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi,in their midst, many women showed an eagerness to avail of the opportunities in employment or services that they could provide the growing community around them. They showed their desire to gainfully utilise their skills to become earning members of their family and reducing their dependence on husbands and sons.

The Women's Centre at IIT Mandi launched an initiative, EWOK, in May 2016 to help the local women in the Kamand valley to achieve this by developing employable skills and get better access to relevant information. EWOK is working towards building a network to bring information on employment and training opportunities to the women and to share their qualifications and availability with potential employers. EWOK also provides training and guidance in setting up small businesses and more. View our brochure for more details.